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Importance of Updating Website Content

Content is critical for any website.  Whether it is information or new products - what you have on your site is key to generating traffic.  Users want and expect to see or learn something valuable each time they visit.  Updating your site frequently will attract both visitors and search engines.

Search engines reward websites that update often by moving them up the rankings.If a website is updated often, then search engines consider it a consistent source of new information and awards it some points that can help move its listing up in the search results.  Conversely, if your website never changes, search engines may penalize you by moving you down in the rankings.

It’s the same with visitors.If your website never changes, why would someone who has already read it want to come back?  If I came to your website today, then came back next month and nothing has changed, I would probably think that nothing is really happening with your business or you have the same old products.  Giving your visitors a reason to come back with new information and new offers will increase the chance of closing a transaction.

Updating content allows you to track what affect the changes have in your website’s performance. Knowing what works and what doesn’t in terms of attracting traffic and customers can help make a website successful.  If your website never changes, then how do you know if it is operating at its peak performance?  To learn what that is you can analyze your data, make changes, and track the affect the change had on performance.  Who knows, that one piece of information that currently is not on your website may draw in a whole new type of customer.  But you’ll never know if you never post it.

Web content and maintenance is a process.  Many people create their website and forget about it.  Updating your site and reviewing your strategies can enhance your success.


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